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Software Engineering Laboratory (SE Lab)

The mission of the Software Engineering Laboratory is to research, develop and evaluate processes, methods and tools to engineer high-quality software-intensive systems, with a focus on software performance and developer productivity.

Research Unit Web Page: https://research.it.abo.fi/research/high-performance-computing

Research Unit Web Page: https://research.it.abo.fi/research/software-engineering-laboratory

Leader of the unit

Ivan Porres

Co-leader of the unit

Jan Westerholm

Senior Researchers

Mats Aspnäs Jeanette Heidenberg Ivan Porres Dragos Truscan Jan Westerholm



An EU-funded FP7 project

Cloud Software Program


Extension of grid computation to GP-GPU devices


Device and Interoperability and Ecosystems


EU Fusion fOR Iter Applications


Practical Applications of Model-based technologies to continuous integration & testing methodologies


Reduced Certification Costs Using Trusted Multi-core


A problem-driven computational project within fusion physics


Validation of Many Models in Many Languages


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The latest updated publications:

Adnan Ashraf, Ivan Porres, Multi-Objective Dynamic Virtual Machine Consolidation in the Cloud Using Ant Colony System. International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems , 1–18, 2017.

Wasif Afzal, Hugo Bruneliere, Davide Di Ruscio, Andrey Sadovykh, Silvia Mazzini, Eric Cariou, Dragos Truscan, Jordi Cabot, Daniel Field, Luigi Pomante, Pavel Smrz, The MegaM@Rt2 ECSEL Project – MegaModelling at Runtime – Scalable Model-based Framework for Continuous Development and Runtime Validation of Complex Systems. In: Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD), 1–10, IEEE, 2017.

Marin Aranitasi, Benjamin Byholm, Mats Neovius, Quantifying Uncertainty for Preemptive Resource Provisioning in the Cloud. In: A Min Tjoa, Roland R. Wagner (Eds.), 28th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA), 127–131, IEEE Computer Society, 2017.

Junaid Iqbal, Dragos Truscan, Juri Vain, Ivan Porres, Reconstructing Timed Symbolic Traces from Rtioco-Based Timed Test Sequences Using Backward-Induction. In: George Angelos Papadopoulos, Ondrej Rysavy, Valentino Vranić (Eds.), Proceedings of the Fifth European Conference on the Engineering of Computer-Based Systems, 6:1–6:10, ACM, 2017.

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Benjamin Byholm, Ivan Porres, Dynamic Horizontal and Vertical Scaling of Multiple Cloud Services in Soft Real-Time. TUCS Technical Reports 1182, TUCS, 2017.

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Kristian Nybom, Jens Smeds, Ivan Porres, On the Impact of Mixing Responsibilities Between Devs and Ops. In: Helen Sharp, Tracy Hall (Eds.), Agile Processes, in Software Engineering, and Extreme Programming: 17th International Conference, XP 2016, 131–143, Springer International Publishing, 2016.

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