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Detecting Data-Parallel Synchronous Dataflow Graphs

Sudeep Kanur, Johan Lilius, Johan Ersfolk, Detecting Data-Parallel Synchronous Dataflow Graphs. TUCS Technical Reports 1184, TUCS, 2017.


Synchronous Dataflow, a popular subset of the dataflow programming paradigm, gives a well
structured formalism to capture signal and stream processing applications. With
data-parallel architectures becoming ubiquitous, several frameworks leverage the
SDF formalism to map applications to parallel architectures. But, these
frameworks assume that the Synchronous Dataflow graphs under consideration already
are data-parallel. In this paper, we address the lack of mechanisms required to
detect if an SDFG can be executed in a data-parallel fashion. We develop
necessary and sufficient conditions that an SDFG must satisfy for its
data-parallel execution. In addition, we develop methods that detect and
transform SDFG that cannot be determined to be data-parallel through visual
graph inspection alone. We report on a prototype implementation of the developed
conditions as a compiler pass in PREESM framework and test them against some
useful applications expressed as an SDFG.


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