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WEBRSIM: A Web-Based Reaction Systems Simulator

Sergiu Ivanov, Vladimir Rogojin, Sepinoud Azimi, Ion Petre, WEBRSIM: A Web-Based Reaction Systems Simulator. TUCS Technical Reports 1195, TUCS, 2018.


We discuss in this paper WEBRSIM, the first web-based simulator for reaction systems. The simulator has an easy-to-use interface to input a reaction system and four functionalities: to compute the interactive process driven
by a given context sequence, the behaviour graph of the reaction system, its conservation dependency graph, and all its conserved sets. WEBRSIM comes with a browser-based friendly interface and offers a fast software to support computational modeling with reaction systems.


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Belongs to TUCS Research Unit(s): Computational Biomodeling Laboratory (Combio Lab)

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