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Exact String Matching with Reaction Systems

Sepinoud Azimi, Exact String Matching with Reaction Systems. TUCS Technical Reports 1104, TUCS, 2014.


Reaction systems are a formal framework with underlying rationale adopted from the biochemical reactions. There are two main assumptions behind every reaction system:1) if a reactant is present in a state, it is sufficiently present, and 2) if a reactant does not take part in any running reaction of the systems's current state, it vanishes from the environment. This study is an attempt to expand the investigation of reaction systems from an applicative point of view. To this end, two reaction systems are defined through whose interactive processes, the corresponding suffix tree to a given string is obtained, which is subsequently employed for the exact string matching. It is concluded that reaction systems are expressive enough to be used as a modeling framework in multidisciplinary applications.

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Belongs to TUCS Research Unit(s): Computational Biomodeling Laboratory (Combio Lab)

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