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A Mapping Language from Models to XMI[DI] Diagrams

Marcus Alanen, Torbjörn Lundkvist, Ivan Porres, A Mapping Language from Models to XMI[DI] Diagrams. TUCS Technical Reports 676, Turku Centre for Computer Science, 2005.


We study the problem of how to define the concrete syntax of a
modeling language based on the standards proposed by the Object
Management Group (OMG). The OMG has recently published the Diagram
Interchange (XMI[DI]) standard that contains a language to describe
the graphical representation of a model. XMI[DI] is required to
enableinteroperability between modeling tools. However, XMI[DI] can
only describe particular diagrams of a model. We consider that the
definition of a modeling language should also include a definition of
what legal diagrams exist for that modeling language. In this article,
we present a language to describe mappings between modeling languages
and diagrams, some example mappings and our experience using them.


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