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Teleworking Environments, Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Telework

Reima Suomi, Paul Jackson, Laura Hollmen, Mats Aspnäs (Eds.), Teleworking Environments, Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Telework, TUCS General Publication, Turku Centre for Computer Science, 1998.



<p>When the International Workshops on Telework started back in 1996 one key aim was to improve the dialogue among scientific researchers at the cutting edge of telework-related issues. The ´96 event in London, together with the ´97 Amsterdam workshop, brought together nearly 150 people in the field, from over 20 countries world-wide, with close to a hundred papers being presented and discussed.

<p>With this year's event in Turku, that process has continued, enabling closer links to be fostered especially with parties in northern Europe. Also this year, the workshop has succeeded in attracting a great variety of participants from different disciplines and countries. Satisfied we note that many of the participants visit the workshop series for the first time in Turku. We believe that we proceed nicely in the process of establishing this workshop series as one key source of valuable and up-to-date academic information about telework and related disciplines.

<p>As with the Amsterdam event, Turku ´98 will also include a final day management conference, this year entitled ´Building for a New Millennium´. Practitioner workshops have been added to the total program, making the bridge between research and practice even stronger. Both the academic and practitioner papers in the proceedings have passed a blind review process.

<p>Since 1998 a body has also been created to give ongoing support and focus to the discussion and relationship-building that the International Workshops have encouraged. The International Telework Foundation will seek to make the contacts made and lessons learned more than a once-a-year exercise but an opportunity for open-ended discussion and collaboration.

<p>The papers included in these proceedings remain the cornerstone of the Telework Workshops. The experiences and research findings they discuss provide a range of insights into teleworking at both practical and theoretical levels. We trust you'll find them useful and inspiring and hope to hear more from you about the messages they contain.

<p>We wish to thank The International Telework Foundation for their co-operation and European Commission DGXIII for their co-operation and financial support for the conference. We also wish to thank our co-operative partners Helsinki Telephone Corporation, Miratel Oy and Telia for their co-operation and financial support, and the seminar supporters Sampo-Varma Group, Finnair, Turku Telephone Ltd., The Finnish Work Environment Fund and City of Turku for their financial support.

<p><i>Reima Suomi&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Paul Jackson</i>


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