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MDE for Soc Design

Dragoş Truşcan, Torbjörn Lundkvist, Marcus Alanen, Kim Sandström, Ivan Porres, Ivan Lilius, MDE for Soc Design. Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering 5(1), 49–64, 2009.



We employ the principles of model-driven engineering to assist the design of system-on-chip (SoC) architectures. As a concrete example, we look at the MICAS architecture, for which we propose a graphical specification language, defined via metamodeling techniques, that models the architecture at different abstraction levels. Model transformations are defined to support the refinement of MICAS specification towards implementation. In addition, several libraries are put in place, to enable reuse and automation throughout the design process. Tool support for editing the specifications, enforcing their consistency, and for running the transformations is provided via the Coral modeling framework. The approach shows that model-driven engineering can be seen as an enabler in providing computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tool support and automation for the development of SoC architectures.

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