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An Architecture Exploration Environment for System on Chip Design

Johan Lilius, Tomas Lillqvist, Torbjörn Lundkvist, Ian Oliver, Ivan Porres, Kim Sandström, Glenn Sveholm, Asim Pervez Zaka, An Architecture Exploration Environment for System on Chip Design. Nordic Journal of Computing 12(4), 361–378, 2005.


The MICAS architecture is a novel System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture for mobile phone peripherals. Characteristic for MICAS is the separation of data-ows from control-ows. To design MICAS systems we have implemented a tool that is based on UML and MDA. The tool makes it possible to visually develop new designs that can then be transformed into a SystemC simulator for further testing. The MICAS tool is implemented using Coral. Coral is a metamodel-independent software platform to create, edit and transform new models and metamodels at run-time. Coral provides support for a number of languages, including UML and MOF.

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