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Decision Making with a Fuzzy Ontology

Christer Carlsson, Matteo Brunelli, József Mezei, Decision Making with a Fuzzy Ontology. Soft Computing 16(7), 1143–1152, 2012.



Knowledge mobilisation is a transition from the prevailing knowledge management technology that has been widely used in industry for the last 20 years to a new methodology and some innovative methods for knowledge representation, formation and development and for knowledge retrieval and distribution. Knowledge mobilisation aims at coming to terms with some of the problems of knowledge management and at the same time to introduce new theory, new methods and new technology. More precisely, this paper presents an outline of a fuzzy ontology as an enhanced version
of classical ontology and demonstrates some advantages for practical decision making. We show that a number of soft computing techniques, e.g. aggregation functions and interval valued fuzzy numbers, will support effective and practical decision making on the basis of the fuzzy ontology. We demonstrate the knowledge mobilisation methods with the construction of a support system for finding the best available wine for a number of wine drinking occasions using a fuzzy wine ontology and fuzzy reasoning methods; the support system has been implemented for a Nokia N900 smart phone.

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