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A Metamodeling Language Supporting Subset and Union Properties

Marcus Alanen, Ivan Porres, A Metamodeling Language Supporting Subset and Union Properties. Software and Systems Modeling 7(1), 103–124, 2008.


In this article, we describe successive versions of a metamodeling language using a set-theoretic
formalization. We focus on language extension mechanisms, particularly on the relatively new
subset and union properties of MOF 2.0 and the UML 2.0 Infrastructure. We use Liskov
substitutability as the rationale for our formalization. We also show that property redefinitions
are not a safe language extension mechanism. Each language version provides new features, and
we note how such features cannot be mixed arbitrarily. Instead, constraints over the metamodel
and model structures must be established. We expect that this article provides a better
understanding of the foundations of MOF 2.0, which is necessary to define new extensions,
model transformation languages and tools.

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