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Aggregation Operators and Interval-Valued Fuzzy Numbers in Decision Making

József Mezei, Robin Wikström, Aggregation Operators and Interval-Valued Fuzzy Numbers in Decision Making. In: Álvaro Rocha, Ana Maria Correia, Tom Wilson, Karl A. Stroetmann (Eds.), Advances in Information Systems and Technologies, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 206, 535–544, Springer, 2013.


Aggregation operators play a fundamental role in decision making, especially when there are numerous (conflicting) criteria present. In case of uncertain data, an important task is to develop appropriate solutions for the
aggregation process. In many applications the knowledge and data provided by the experts tend to be vague, as experts express their knowledge in non-structured and ambiguous ways, for instance by using linguistic terms. We
combine interval-valued fuzzy sets and OWA operators to create new aggregation methods and we prove that the new operators satisfy some
important properties. In this article we present novel approaches for aggregating
vague and imprecise information.

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