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Framework for Smart Space Application Development

Andre Kaustell, M. Mohsin Saleemi, Thomas Rosqvist, Juuso Jokiniemi, Johan Lilius, Ivan Porres, Framework for Smart Space Application Development. In: Salvatore Flavio Pileggi (Ed.), International Workshop on Semantic Interoperability (IWSI 2011), 10, SciTePress, 2011.


The smart space concept envisions interoperability for creating multi-domain inter-device
service mashups, and innovative applications. This paper presents an appraoch to create an
abstraction layer and appropriate tools for rapid application development for the low-end
devices that run agents to access a smart space. We present our proposed framework,
describe the overall process for application development and explore the features of a real-
world implementation. We describe a case study implementation to illustrate the
functionality of the proposed framework. This case study shows that interoperability can be
realized by the agents that describe information about themselves using some common

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