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The Coral Modelling Framework

Marcus Alanen, Ivan Porres, The Coral Modelling Framework. In: Ludwik Kuzniarz Johan Lilius Kai Koskimies, Ivan Porres (Eds.), Proceedings of the 2nd Nordic Workshop on the Unified Modeling Language NWUML'2004, TUCS General Publications, TUCS Turku Centre for Computer Science, 2004.


The technology to fully support model-based software development
approaches such as OMG's model driven architecture is still in its
infancy. There is still a lot to be learned about how a modelling
framework should be constructed and used to enable using models as
the only description of a software under construction and model
transformation as the basic step in software development. In this
short paper, we describe Coral, our own implementation of a
modelling tool and some discoveries related to modelling and
metamodelling that we have found.


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