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SystemC-based Simulation of the MICAS Architecture

Dragos Truscan, Kim Sandström, Johan Lilius, Ivan Porres, SystemC-based Simulation of the MICAS Architecture . In: Eugenio Villar (Ed.), Embedded Systems Specification and Design Languages, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 10, 97–106, Springer, 2008.


We present our approach in using SystemC for simulating a custom configurable architecture, MICAS. However, there are certain aspects of the architecture, like configuration specific information or programming interface, which cannot be directly represented using SystemC concepts. Thus, we define a C++-based specification language for MICAS that allows us to specify additional properties of the architecture at simulation level and furthermore, to combine these properties with the SystemC executable specification.

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Belongs to TUCS Research Unit(s): Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESLAB), Software Construction Laboratorium

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