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Bioinformatics for Diseases Management: A Personalized Therapeutics Prospective

Krishna Kanhaiya, Bioinformatics for Diseases Management: A Personalized Therapeutics Prospective. In: Ajeet Kaushi, Rahul Dev Jayant, Madhvan Nair (Eds.), Advances in Personalized Nanotherapeutics, 187–199, Springer, Cham, 2017.



The advancements in omics technologies and the emergence of modern bioinformatics tools transport significant changes in understanding of the mechanism of complex disease and revolutionized the healthcare to better disease diagnostics and management. These developments bring a sea of data for the physician and biological researchers to analyze and overcome the challenges of poor penetration of the available drugs into the diseases. A proper way of data management and integration technology can transform the big biomedical datasets into high-value, cost-effectiveness and rational drug target for effective personalized treatment. Moreover, it can reduce diagnostic costs, improve patient care and help the physician to develop individualistic patient care. Also, it enables the researcher to map disease molecules towards the discovery of distinct biomarkers for effective diagnosis through personalized therapeutics. This chapter provides an overview of available and integrated bioinformatics approaches in the role of effective disease managements, which can further establish safer, accurate, and reliable healthcare for every patient.

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