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Code Generation for Embedded Systems

Dag Björklund, Johan Lilius, Ivan Porres, Code Generation for Embedded Systems. In: Jean-Philippe Babau Sébastien Gérard, Joel Champeau (Eds.), Model Driven Engineering for Distributed Real-time Embedded Systems, 0, Hermes Science Publications, 2005.


The objective of a code generator is to synthesize executable program code from a detailed design model. The need for code generators is clear: while software modeling provides many known advantages to software development, there are no efficient interpreters or virtual machines for high level design models. However, the development of sacode generator is a rather complex task since different behavioral models have different underlying models of computationl.

We tackle this challenge by introducing an intermediate language called Rialto. The Rialto language is more detailed that a general purpose modeling language such as UML but still more abstract than most programming languages since it supports concepts like traps (high-level transitions), suspension and resuming of threads, and event queues. Rialto has been specifically designed to describe the behavior of modeling languages and it can be used to combine multiple heterogeneous models of computation in one single program that can be optimized and then implemented into program code. In this chapter we will show how we can use Rialto to create a code generator for UML behavioral diagrams that is target to embedded systems.

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