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Performance Testing in the Cloud using MBPeT

Fredrik Abbors, Tanwir Ahmad, Dragos Truscan, Ivan Porres, Performance Testing in the Cloud using MBPeT. In: Ivan Porres, Tommi Mikkonen, Adman Ashraf (Eds.), Developing Cloud Software, 191–225, Turku Centre for Computer Science, 2013.


We present a model-based performance testing approach using the MBPeT tool. We use of probabilistic timed automata to model the user profiles and to generate synthetic workload. The MBPeT generates the load in a distributed fashion and applies it in real-time to the system under test, while measuring several key performance indicators, such as response time, throughput, error rate, etc. At the end of the test session, a detailed test report is provided. MBPeT has a distributed architecture and supports load generation distributed over multiple machines. New generation nodes are allocated dynamically during load generation. In this book chapter, we will present the MBPeT tool, its architecture, and demonstrate its applicability with a set of experiments on a case study. We also show that using abstract models for describing the user profiles allows us quickly experiment different load mixes and detect worst case scenarios.


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