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News archive

  • Startup Journey 2015
    Boost Turku Startup Journey 2015 application period starts January 15th.
  • Spring courses listed
    The courses provided by the TUCS Affiliate Departments for all the TUCS students (Master's and Ph.D. students) are listed on the TUCS Course page. The courses will be soon placed to the TUCS Courses Google Calendar too.
  • Short course
    Part 2 of a short course "Ultra-low-power Electronics" will be conducted during November 12–14, 2014.
  • TUCS 20y Distinguished Lecture
    On Friday, October 24th, Turing Award winner Joseph Sifakis, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland will give a TUCS Distinguished Lecture on “From Programs to Systems – Building a Smarter World".
  • Autumn courses listed
    The courses provided by the TUCS Affiliate Departments for all the TUCS students (Master's and Ph.D. students) are listed on the TUCS Course page, as usual. The courses are also placed on the TUCS Courses Google Calendar.
  • TUCS PhD Toolkit on 15.–16.9.
    Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS) is hosting this fall a course on practical aspects of research and the academic vs. enterprise R&D.
  • Apply for Ph.D. study position in ÅAU
    The application period for the Doctoral Network in Information Technologies and Mathematics at the Åbo Akademi University has begun on 1.5.2014 and the deadline for applications is 26.6.2014 at 16.00.

Events archive

Upcoming events

  • AUTOMATA 2015
    The 21st annual international workshop on cellular automata and discrete complex systems AUTOMATA 2015 will take place on June 8-10 in Turku, Finland.

  • Computer Science Days
    The Annual Finnish Computer Science Days 2015 (in Jyväskylä, June 4–5). Call for papers and further info: https://www.jyu.fi/it/konferenssit/tkt_paivat_2015/call_for_papers

    TUCS will have a small number of travel grants to support participation to the conference, espeically for PhD students. The deadline for applying for such a grant is May 15.

  • TUCS Distinguished Lecture
    On Friday, May 22nd, Professor Shuvra Bhattacharyya (University of Maryland, USA) gives a lecture on the topic: "Design and Implementation of Adaptive Stream Mining Systems using Lightweight Dataflow Graphics".

  • TUCS Distinguished Lecture
    On Monday, May 18th, Professor David Harel (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) gives a lecture on the topic: "Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant: One Person's Experience of Turing's Impact".

Past events

  • Defence of Doctoral Thesis
    On Friday, April 24th, TUCS GP Student Natalia Díaz Rodríguez presents her Doctoral thesis “Semantic and Fuzzy Modelling for Human Behaviour Recognition in Smart Spaces: A Case Study on Ambient Assisted Living" for public critisism. The opponent of M.Sc. Díaz Rodrígues is Professor Gianluca Bontempi, Université Libre de Bruxells, Belgium. Professor Johan Lilius will act as a custos at this public defence.

    Time: 12 noon
    Place: Auditorium Gamma

  • Guest Lecture
    On Thursday 23.4. Prof. Gianluca Bontempi (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium) will give a guest lecture on the topic: "Perspectives of feature selection in bioinformatics: from relevance to causal inference"

  • Guest Lecture
    On Wednesday, 1.4. Prof. Helger Lipmaa (University of Tartu, Estonia) will give a lecture "Prover-Efficient Adaptive Zero-Knowledge SNARKs" in lecture room Pub 4, starting at 14:15.