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The Annual Symposium of Computer Science in Finland 2018

The Annual Symposium of Computer Science in Finland - Tietojenkäsittelytieteen päivät - Datavetenskapens dagar

The Annual Symposium of Computer Science in Finland is this year arranged in Turku, 4. June - 5. June The event gathers people active or interested in the field of computer science, and is open to everyone interested.

The theme for this year’s event is "Computer science research is everywhere", and the program offers a multifaceted overview of the importance of computer science in different areas of research. Invited presentations from leading researchers cover topics from mathematical foundations, machine learning and autonomous systems to computational biomedicine, digital history and digitalisation of death rituals.

Awards for the best Finnish doctoral thesis and master’s thesis in computer science, respectively, will be given at the event, and the Researcher of the year in information systems will be announced. The language of the symposium is this year English.

Registration deadline is 14.5.

More information: http://tucs.fi/tkt-paivat-2018/
Preliminary program: http://tucs.fi/tkt-paivat-2018/index.php/program/
Registration: http://tucs.fi/tkt-paivat-2018/index.php/registration/