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Introduction to Programming (2017 Autumn)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Future Technologies

Credit Points: 6

Responsible Person: Erkki Kaila

Course code: BIOI2250

The course targets students with no prior programming experience. The students will acquire basic skills in algorithm design and programming, learning to write simple, practical programs in the Python programming language. The course is not suitable for students who do have prior programming experience and want to learn Python as an additional language.

Fundamental concepts such as variables, values, types, expressions, control structures, data structures, modularity and classes. Model problems and their typical algorithmic solutions with particular focus on bioinformatics.



  1. Tue 6.9.–15.12. weekly at 16–18, Auditorium XXII, Agora


  1. Mon 11.9.–11.12. weekly at 16–18, K127
  2. Tue 12.9.–12.12. weekly at 16–18, A252 (from 31.10. on in K127)
  3. Thu 14.9.–14.12. weekly at 16–18, K126A/B
  4. Fri 15.9.–15.12. weekly at 8–10, K127 (from 3.11. on in K126A/B)