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Introduction to Computer Science (2017 Autumn)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Future Technologies

Credit Points: 4

Responsible Person: Hans Moen, Jari Björne

Course code: BIOI2260

The course targets students with biological background. The objective is to gain basic understanding of fundamental concepts in computer science to facilitate interdisciplinary communication in bioinformatics. The course also provides necessary background for the follow-up courses on algorithms in bioinformatics.

The course provides an overview of the most important concepts in computer science. Basic concepts in machine architecture and data representation are explained, followed by an introduction to essential data structures and operations over them. Further, some of the fundamentals of complexity and computability are presented, together with selected topics from artificial intelligence that are of relevance to bioinformatics. Course also contains a brief introduction to relational databases and basic Unix usage.



  1. Wed 6.9.–25.10. weekly at 10–13, 110C, Agora


  1. Wed 25.10. at 14–16, K127, Agora