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Introduction to Biosciences (2017 Autumn)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Future Technologies

Credit Points: 5

Responsible Person: Martti Tolvanen

Course code: BIOI2291

After completing this course the student can describe in general terms: how genetic information flows in DNA replication, transcription, and translation; RNA splicing and alternative splicing; structure of DNA and chromosomes and how they change during gene regulation; how DNA sequence variants may effect protein structure and function or functions of DNA and RNA; how DNA and its variants form the basis of heredity; how dominant and recessive genes are inherited; basic mechanisms in energy metabolism and enzyme regulation; structures and functions of biological membranes and cytoskeleton.

Basics of cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and heredity for IT students. Biology and chemistry of DNA, RNA, and proteins. Cell structures and metabolism.



  1. Tue 5.9.–24.10. weekly at 10–12, 110C, Agora
  2. Fri 8.9.–27.10. weekly at 14–16, 110C, Agora