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Inclusive Innovation in the GlobalSouth (2017 Autumn)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Future Technologies

Credit Points: 1–7

Responsible Person: Erkki Sutinen, Hannu Tenhunen, Ethiopia Nigussie, Mikko Apiola

Course code: TKO_3119

Learning outcomes:
The student becomes familiar with technology innovation in the Global South. The student familiarizes to a preferred continent (i.e. Africa), part of a continent, or country, and its culture from a technology innovation perspective. The student focuses on a selected active domain of technology innovation, such as mobile banking, e-health, e-learning, applications for informal workers, technology hubs, business incubation, or technology teaching in the Global South.

The course will give the basis for understanding and competences in

Moreover, the student has gained a possibility to see opportunities for networking with collaborators from the Global South.

The course material is based on a selection of recent research, technology reports, on-line lectures, presentations, instructions, and other materials. These include:

The seminar continues throughout the academic year. Additional information and registrations to Ethiopia Nigussie