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Energy Efficient Embedded Electronics (2017 Autumn)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Future Technologies

Credit Points: 5

Course code: DTEK1057

Learning outcomes:
The student is able to use different energy efficient design techniques, understands fundamental sources of power consumption in nanoscale circuits and processor systems, is able to identify essential power dissipation sources in a given system, understand algorithm optimization and architectural transformations for low power and is able to use these techniques in electronic system design. To learn how power consumption can be optimized in different levels of abstraction.

The focus is on systems level energy reduction and optimization, but also circuit level issues, such as leakage currents, dynamic power consumption and signaling. Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling is covered. In addition to the extensive coverage of traditional power reduction targets such as CPU and memory, detailed coverage of relatively modern power optimization ideas focusing on components such as compilers, operating systems, servers, embedded systems, data centers etc. are also covered. The course gives perspective to energy efficient design from small scale embedded systems to large multiprocessor systems. Future perspectives on energy efficient design.



  1. Mon 4.9.–23.10. weekly at 12–14, 110C, Agora
  2. Fri 8.9.–27.10. weekly at 12–14, 110A/B, Agora