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Heuristics (2016 Autumn)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Credit Points: 5

Responsible Person: Yury Nikulin

Course code: SMAT5219

Learning outcomes:
This course will train student research and programming skills as well as extend their knowledge in mathematical modelling of real-life problems. A special focus will be on multiobjective and robust optimization, the two significant aspects of dealing with any real-life problem.

Finding an optimal solution for many combinatorial optimization problems is hard and computationally time consuming task. The primary objective of this course is not only to introduce efficient practical and theoretical tools for constructing heuristic solutions, but also to encourage students to start doing independent research by means of accomplishment a short individual review project, which might potentially have a research merit. Lecturing hours are reserved to give a general introduction and specify individual tasks. The rest time is reserved for self-study and seminar presentation accomplishment.



  1. Wed 7.9.–19.10. weekly at 8–10
  2. Fri 9.9.–21.10. weekly at 8–10


  1. Tue 13.9.–18.10. weekly at 14–16