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Cellular Automata (2018 Spring)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Credit Points: 10

Responsible Person: Jarkko Kari

Course code: MATE5305

Learning outcome:
To learn the lecture material; to be able to apply the studied concepts and methods to prove new facts concerning cellular automata; to understand the concept of algorithmic undecidability; to understand the toplogical aspects of the shift space and cellular automata; to be able to follow and understand research talks on cellular automata.

Cellular automata are infinite arrays of identical finite automata ("cells") that change their states synchronously according to a local update rule. Game of Life is a well known example. We study theoretical aspects of cellular automata. Topics include injectivity and surjectivity properties, Garden of Eden -theorem, reversibility, conservation laws, computational universality, cellular automata as topological dynamical systems. We also cover basic concepts of symbolic dynamics as needed.

Study materials:
Lecture notes.



  1. Wed 10.1.–25.4. weekly at 10–12, M1, Quantum
  2. Fri 12.1.–27.4. weekly at 10–12, M3, Quantum


  1. Mon 15.1.–19.2. at 10–12, M1, Quantum
  2. Mon 5.3.–23.4. at 12–14, M1, Quantum