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Tilings and Patterns (2017 Autumn)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Credit Points: 10

Responsible Person: Jarkko Kari

Course code: MATE5148

To learn the lecture material; to be able to apply the studied concepts and methods to prove new facts concerning tilings and patterns; to be able to identify symmetry groups of patterns; to understand the concept of algorithmic undecidability.

Symmetries of tilings and patterns, rosette, frieze and wallpaper groups, tilings by regular polygons, archimedean tilings, Wang tiles and their relation to Turing machines, the undecidability of the tiling problem, aperiodicity, quasiperiodicity, Penrose's kite and dart.



  1. Tue 5.9.–12.12. weekly at 10–12, M1, Quantum
  2. Thu 7.9.–14.12. weekly at 12–14, M1, Quantum


  1. Mon 11.9.–11.12. weekly at 14–16, M1, Quantum