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Lean Software Startup (2018 Spring)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Future Technologies

Credit Points: 10

Responsible Person: Antero Järvi

Course code: DTEK1063

Learning outcomes:
To provide an experimental learning opportunity, showing how technical and business people together in teams turn business ideas into start-up businesses. To put theoretical skills, would they be software engineering, business or social sciences, into practice in a real-life project.

The course provides a realistic and hands-on experience on creating a software-based business start. Participants will work in teams and use the lean start-up process to turn ideas into businesses. During the course the participants will work on idea generation to get started, customer development to elaborate the idea into a product that has a market, and business model design to build a business around the product. On the engineering side, the teams will build the software-based products using agile development process, tools and practices to rapidly iterate the products into something the customers will use. The products are based on web technologies, cloud services and mobile platforms. The used tools and platforms will be mostly new to course participants, requiring an active learning attitude. For other disciplines, the course offers a role more suited to the students individual expertise. The course also gives an intense teamwork experience that will help to understand the value of modern teamwork tools, transparency, taking and sharing responsibility, commitments and accountability. The course will also familiarize the participants with the local start-up communities. The primary mode of teaching is weekly team mentoring and monthly team progress presentations.



  1. Tue 23.1.–27.2. weekly at 10–12, 110C, Agora
  2. Wed 17.1.–28.2. weekly at 12–14, 110C, Agora