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Information Technology and Ethics (2014 Autumn)

Organisation: UTU / Turku School of Economics

Credit Points: 6

Responsible Person: Kai K. Kimppa

Course code: TJ093222

Learning outcomes:
The student will understand what is ethical behaviour and what is not, and how does that relate to computer professionals, their duties and rights. The student will also have a deeper understanding of a field of their interest in the topic area.

The aim of the course is to provide the participant with an understanding on what the ethical questions raised by ICT are. It will cover ethical issues which information technology professionals should be especially aware of. Information technology revolutionized the way in which we conduct many aspects of our lives. The tremendous technological advancement in the area of computers and related devices created unforeseen social situations that necessitate new ethical consideration. Important issues such as privacy, the digital divide, free speech and ownership of the immaterial have new meanings in the information age. Possibilities provided by information technology also create new questions on what is ethical behaviour and what is not.



  1. Mon weekly at 14–18, Ls12, TSE