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Healthcare Information Systems (2017 Autumn)

Organisation: UTU / Turku School of Economics

Credit Points: 2–6

Responsible Person: Reima Suomi

Course code: TJ093055

Learning outcomes:
To give an overview of issues around health care, social and well-being industries’ information systems, and to prepare students to follow and take part in the national discussion on the topic, and to provide them capabilities to take part in information system development projects as a user representative.

Health and social care currently form a fast-growing and important area for information technology application. As any other industry, health and social care too have their own characteristics that make application of information technology a difficult task. This course presents application areas within the field and discusses the needed system development methods and approaches in the industry. One key application area is that of integrated electronic patient records system (EPR) with subtopics such as experiences with EPR systems implementation, possibilities of further use of ERP, and a European perspective on ERP. Other topics include governance structures for IT in health care, assessment and evaluation of health care information systems and the tradition of usability studies in health care applications, just to name a few.
Content of course:
- Information systems in the health care domain
- Evaluation of information systems in health care
- Issues around Automatic Drug Dispensing
- Management of Healthcare Information Systems
- IT and communication standards in health care field
- ERP-systems in healthcare environment
- Electronic patient records
- Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) in health care
- Electronic prescribing
- The Finnish outlook - towards a national information system architecture for health care



  1. Tue weekly at 8–10, Ls08, TSE
  2. Fri weekly at 8–10, Ls08, TSE