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Algorithm Design (2017 Autumn)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Information Technology

Credit Points: 5

Responsible Person: Csaba Raduly-Baka

Course code: TKO_3108

Learning outcomes:
The student gets a clear and well-founded understanding of algorithm design frameworks and techniques. The course introduces advanced data structures, greedy algorithms in graphs, divide and conquer and dynamic programming techniques. The student will also become familiar with the basic theory of computationally hard problems.

The topics include advanced data structures and algorithm design principles: greedy algorithms, divide-and-conquer, basic dynamic programming techniques.



  1. Wed 6.9.–25.10. weekly at 14–16, 110A/B, Agora
  2. Thu 7.9.–26.10. weekly at 12–14, K126A/B, Agora