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Advanced Course on Software Engineering (2017 Autumn)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Future Technologies

Credit Points: 5

Responsible Person: Antero Järvi

Course code: DTEK1054

The course prepares the student to work in software projects that use agile and lean methods. The student will understand the importance of key agile and lean practices and how they work together to deliver real value to customers in a predictable and controllable way. The student will also contrast agile methods to plan driven ones and understand the scope and context in which these should be applied. The course emphasizes transferable skills, especially teamwork and oral and written communication.

The course focuses on agile and lean software development methods, and how they are used in today's industrial context. Other topics include software engineering practices, team work and project management in agile development context. The course uses practice-oriented learning methods. In addition to lectures, the students will participate in industry-standard coaching games and team-based exercises. Moderated discussions, a mini-seminar on agile software engineering practices and hands-on demonstrations are part of the course. The overall goal is to experience the agile approach and understand the strengths and limitations of the agile principles in practice. Students will explore deeper important issues by writing short essays on selected topics.



  1. Tue 31.10.–19.12. weekly at 10–12, 110A/B, Agora
  2. Wed 1.11.–20.12. weekly at 12–14, 110A/B, Agora