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Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS) is a joint research institute of University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. TUCS conducts basic and applied research in computer science and engineering in four research programmes:

TUCS boasts a long history of high-level achievements of its affiliated researchers, in terms of articles in high-level journals and conferences, high number of citations, invitations to speak in the most important conferences in the field, and memberships in editorial boards of many high-level international journals. TUCS has been a Center of Excellence of Research of the Academy of Finland in the very first round of such centers in Finland, 1995-1999. A unit of TUCS, the Centre for Reliable Software Technology (CREST), has also been a Center of Excellence during 2002-2007. Two  Academy Professors, as well as three FIDIPRO professors have been / are affiliated with TUCS. TUCS is hosting the research activity of Academician Arto Salomaa.

NEW: Book Launch: Jukka Paakki – "Arto Salomaa: Äijän näköinen matemaatikko"

Arto Salomaa is a pioneer of research in discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science. Salomaa is widely known for his work on automata and formal languages starting already in the 1960s. Other research lines where he made important contributions are multi-valued logics, biocomputing, and cryptography and information security. Salomaa was named Academician by the Academy of Finland in 2001, one of only 12 Finns holding this life-long title. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Turku and one of the founders of Turku Centre for Computer Science.

Arto Salomaa’s biography is written by Jukka Paakki, Professor Emeritus at the University of Helsinki. The book tells the story of Arto Salomaa’s scientific career and of his most important research areas and achievements. In addition, the book covers various aspects of his personal life: family, childhood, young adult years, family, and hobbies. The book aims to give as complete a picture as possible of one of Finland’s best known scientists.

The book is published by Turku Centre for Computer Science and Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Turku.

The official launch of the book will be on June 16, 2017 at 17.30 in lecture hall XVII in the Quantum building of the University of Turku. The book will be available for purchasing at the event. Both the author of the book and Academician Salomaa will be available for a book signing session.

Latest news

10.2.2016 TUCS Seminar

This spring, TUCS is hosting a seminar on "Thinking and computing: machines and humans", organized jointly by Department of Mathematics and Statistics and Department of Philosophy, Contemporary History and Political Science of University of Turku.

27.10.2015 TUCS Short Courses Call

TUCS Short Course funding application round is opened, with the deadline on Friday, 6.11.2015.

Funding application should contain the following information:

  • course description / contents
  • components
  • amount of credits
  • times and lecture halls
  • name of the contact person for the course
  • name of the lecturer (if not the same as the contact person)
  • budget for the course (accommodation, fees etc.)

26.10.2015 Gaddpriset to Johan Lilius

We are glad to announce that Professor Johan Lilius (Abo Akademi University, leader of the TUCS Embedded Systems Laboratory and former director of TUCS) was awarded the "Gaddpriset 2015" at the Abo Akademi Research Day 23.10.2015 by Chancellor Prof. Ulrika Wolf-Knuts.

The "Gaddpriset", named after the first professor in chemistry at Abo Akademi Pehr Adrian Gadd, is awarded within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

12.8.2015 PoDoCo matchmaking

Post Docs in Companies (PoDoCo) matchmaking event on August 27th at Open Innovation House, Espoo. Now it is time to bring companies and Post docs together!

Fill in your PoDoCo Post Doc profile here and register to the event here. Registration to the event should be done latest on August 21st.


23.7.2015 Google Calendar updated

We have now updated the Fall 2015 courses in the TUCS Courses Google Calendar.

7.7.2015 TUCS Short Course

Embedded Computer and Electronic Systems research unit is organizing a short course on "Memory Systems" during Aug. 19th - Aug. 21st. The course will be given by Prof. Onur Mutlu from Carnegie Mellon University.

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